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Instrumental Music Program -
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2018-2019 Join the School Band registration form.
Join The School Band Registration Form
The purpose of the program is to broaden the education of the child by giving him/her an understanding of music.  Participation in the band gives the student a feeling of accomplishment which is becoming such a rare but valuable part of life.  The mental and physical disciplines involved in learning to read and play music are of immeasurable value.  Additionally, the cultural and character building advantages to be gained from early exposure to music enhance the overall development of the child.  Our purpose is to bring the experience of music to every child.
At the beginning of each school year, classes are organized offering instruction on band instruments to all interested students enrolled in the 4th through 8th grade and guitar instruction for grades 7 and 8 (minimum guitar class size is five).  These classes are given by highly qualified teachers with a minimum of a bachelor's degree in instrumental music.  Classes meet once a week from October through May, except on school holidays (minimum of 28 lessons).  To enable all students to participate, the lessons are given during the school day.  A "rotating" schedule is used so that the children do not miss the same class more than once every four or five weeks.  The students are taught in small classes which are scheduled according to instrument or degree of advancement.  Each school has a band which rehearses once a week.  First year students do not become members of the school band until they reach a prescribed level of achievement.  Second year students are, with few exceptions, full fledged members of the school band.  Several concerts are performed by the band during the year.  Instruments on which instruction is offered are:  flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn, snare drum and guitar (7th and 8th graders only).
There is a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 per child and $50.00 per family.  This is an annual fee and must accompany the registration form.  The yearly tuition for lessons and band rehearsal is payable in two plans; monthly or by the semester.

Monthly Installment Plan (9 installments through June)
     One child - $91.00 per installment
     Family - $139.00 per installment

Semester Plan (2 installments, due October 15th and February 1st)
     One child - $405.00
     Family - $612.00

It is necessary for the children to participate for at least one year if they are to develop to the point where they can see the value of continuing their music studies.  Because the teachers' schedules are set according to the number of students at the beginning of the year, withdrawal will not be permitted until the end of the school year except for extraordinary cirumstances such as moving, prolonged illness, the written request of the classroom teacher, or on the advice of the music instructor.